Virus and Threat Protection Page Not Available

See a message “Virus and threat protection page not available”? Read this guide to solve this issue.

Windows 10 and 11 users may sometimes encounter a “Virus and threat protection page not available” message. Although this message doesn’t necessarily mean that your computer is infected, the absence of this critical security feature is not a good sign. It leaves your PC vulnerable to potential attacks. There are several reasons for this, and… Continue reading Virus and Threat Protection Page Not Available

PUADlmanager Win32/InstallCore

PUADlmanager Win32/Installcore is capable of installing unwanted programs and slowing down the system.

PUADlmanager Win32/InstallCore is a detection that Microsoft Defender antivirus uses to detect potentially unwanted programs (PUА). It is a malware that poses a serious threat to Windows users. Unlike simple unwanted programs, InstallCore combines the functions of a downloader and installer, automatically distributing many unwanted applications and potentially dangerous programs to infected devices.

XZ Utils Backdoor Discovered, Threating Linux Servers

A backdoor in liblzma library, a part of XZ data compression tool was discovered by Andres Freund. The maintainer of the distribution noticed a half-second delay in the updated version, which eventually led him to the flaw. The latter appears to be the brainchild of one of the new XZ maintainers, who pulled off an… Continue reading XZ Utils Backdoor Discovered, Threating Linux Servers

UnitedHealth Hack Leaks 6 TB of User Data

The BlackCat group hacked into UnitedHealth, stealing massive amounts of data.

UnitedHealth Group, one of the largest providers of health insurance and health care services in the United States, suffered a cyberattack with the following data breach. The company admitted that the personal data of millions of patients was “stolen” in a cyberattack. This incident is already being called one of the largest in healthcare history.… Continue reading UnitedHealth Hack Leaks 6 TB of User Data

Microsoft SharePoint Vulnerability Exploited, Update Now

A critical vulnerability in Microsoft SharePoint is now under active exploitation

In late March 2024, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued the alert regarding the exploitation of a flaw in Microsoft SharePoint. It was detected back in September 2023, but the facts of active exploitation surfaced only recently. Fortunately, Microsoft offers updates that fix the flaw. Remote code execution vulnerability A vulnerability designated… Continue reading Microsoft SharePoint Vulnerability Exploited, Update Now


Microsoft Defender may be unhappy about a pirated program, displaying the HackTool:Win32/Crack detection

HackTool:Win32/Crack is related to hacking tools for bypassing license verification. These are often activators of Windows, MS Office, and other proprietary software. Contrary to the widespread belief that such tools are safe, they can carry a threat.

PyPI Malware Spreading Outbreak Exploits Typosquatting

Python Package Index once again suffers from malicious repositories

PyPI, an index of Python packages, once again became a place for malware spreading. Threat actors registered hundreds of profiles to deploy packages, with the name set as typosquatting to known and popular packages. This forced the administration to halt new user registration until the issue is resolved. PyPI Malware Spreading Causes Registrations Halt Python… Continue reading PyPI Malware Spreading Outbreak Exploits Typosquatting

ShadowRay Vulnerability Threatens AI Workloads, No Patch Available

Researchers noticed that a vulnerability in question is actively exploited

Recent review of vulnerabilities in the Ray framework uncovered the unpatched flaw, dubbed ShadowRay. It appears that hundreds of machine learning clusters were already compromised, leading to the leak of ML assets. Researchers trace the first attack that used this vulnerability to September 2023, meaning that the vulnerability already circulates for over half a year.… Continue reading ShadowRay Vulnerability Threatens AI Workloads, No Patch Available


PUA:Win32/Packunwan is a name for a packed unwanted software with some really dangerous capabilities

PUA:Win32/Packunwan is a generic detection of potentially unwanted program that uses software packing. It can range from being just annoying to creating a severe threat to the system safety. Depending on this, the degree of damage to the system will vary. Usually, these unwanted programs are distributed as “recommended software” in freeware, shareware or cracked… Continue reading PUA:Win32/Packunwan


Win32/Rostpay is an unwanted software that can brind numerous other PUAs

PUABundler:Win32/Rostpay is an antivirus detection related to the software released by Rostpay LLC. Antivirus programs detect it because it contains a lot of additional unwanted programs (PUA). Although their applications are not malicious, the software that comes bundled along with it can bring unpredictable consequences. As history shows software developers like Rostpay have already made… Continue reading PUABundler:Win32/Rostpay