How To Reset Browser Settings?

Why do I need to reset my browser settings?

>There are a lot of reasons to reset your browser. Generally, they have malicious origins. Most of the malware infects not only your system but also your browser. Nasty redirects, slow performance of search process, ads, replaced homepage and search engine – these are consequences of annoying browser virus.

Moreover, such browser hijacker possesses a real threat to your privacy. GridinSoft Team found lots of cases when an unwanted search engine collects the search history and personal information of the victim and uses them in own purpose. Not each anti-malware program can offer the online security feature, which prevents data collection. But GridinSoft Anti-Malware does.

We also recommend resetting your browser settings regularly if you use a lot of browser plugins. Plugins have a bad habit of conflicting with each other, and the more ones you have in your browser – the higher is the chance to have problems. No one wants to see the web browser slow and buggy, right?

How to reset my browser settings?

The most efficient way is to reset browser settings automatically. GridinSoft Anti-Malware offers a free tool that will make your browsers clean with just one click.
In order to reset these settings back to the normal mode, please click the “Tools” menu tab and then select the “Reset Browser Settings” option.

Choose browsers that you want to reset and items that need to be back to default mode. Click “Reset. That’s all!

Choose the browsers you need to reset and options that are about to be reverted to original

Browsers that you chose will be closed after resetting.

Please, save all your important data before cleaning. All bookmarks will stay no matter which items you will choose to reset.

By Polina Lisovskaya

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  1. Thank you for your reply.
    The problem is now solved. The web site I was trying to access was down for a few days.
    Best regards,

  2. Resetting Firefox browser removed all my carefully chosen and configured extensions and addons. How can I undo the reset back to the original state of Firefox?

    1. Restablecer el navegador Firefox eliminó todas mis extensiones y complementos cuidadosamente elegidos y configurados. ¿Cómo puedo deshacer el restablecimiento al estado original de Firefox?

  3. Excellent service that found 107 legitimate threats my other 3 longstanding Spyware missed. Thank you.

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